Put it on, take it off
When you are ready to apply your banner it is best to have a friend lend an extra set of hands.

Clean, clean, clean

First, clean your windshield using glass cleaner. This is especially true if you have just driven the car. Road film will weaken the adhesive. If you do not clean the windshield the dirt will be picked up by the adhesive and cause it to fail, especially if you travel at highway speeds.

Have your helper stand on the side opposite you. With you both holding an end, start to remove the backer from one side. Once the backer is removed, position the banner approximately 1/2 inch from the top of the windshield and center it. Start from the center smoothing it down with hand as you continue to hold the ends. Do not use a squeegee.

If it is crooked or off center simply pull it up and start again. The adhesive is designed to be repositioned and reused.

When you are ready to remove your banner, take the storage sheet out of the storage tube. The sheet is marked as to the side the banner is to be stored. Place the storage sheet across the bottom of your windshield and then simply lift from one end of the banner and remove it. Place the adhesive side of the banner on the storage sheet as smooth and flat as possible. Roll up the sheet and place it in the tube. It will be ready for your next use.